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Human Heart: Information and Quiz


While in the Info mode placing your cursor on the various yellow markers will show you the names associated with various parts of the heart. Clicking the Info/Quiz toggle switch will allow you to take a quiz on the parts of the heart. Place your cursor on any marker and type in the corresponding name. Click the GRADE button to grade your results. The number of correct and incorrect answers are displayed. In addition the marker colors indicate your grade: green indicates a correct answer, red an incorrect answer. You can restart the quiz at any time by clicking on the RESET button.

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This teaching tool example is similar to the South American Quiz example but it now is extended to include an interactive quiz. In order to use this interactive teaching tool an instructor again works only with text files: one that lists the names of the parts of the heart, another that lists the x,y locations of the markers. The folder on an instructor's web site now includes these two text files, the interactive teaching tool (Flash swf file) with associated HTML file, and an image file(jpg). A Flash tool to allow quick generation of the x,y coordinates of the markers is presently under development.

Note that any image in jpg format can be used ( maps, circuit diagrams, photographs, drawings, etc.)

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