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Name:   Mechanics Problem With Comments
Subject Area: Physics, Teaching Tools
Version: 1.0  Date Posted: 1/23/04




Click the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to move through the text.  Take time to think about the significance, meaning, or interpretation of the text highlighted in red. Then click the COMMENTS button to see my comments. 




This is another example of a teaching tool.  All that is required is a separate folder on your web site that contains an HTML page, this Macromedia MX  swf file, and two text files.  One text file contains the problem text, the other the comments text. 

The only modifications the instructor needs to make to the problem text file are to add problem= immediately in front of the first word in the problem text and enclose the selected texts for comments with brackets { ...... }.

Requirements for the comments text file are placing comments= immediately in front of the first comment and placing each comment on a separate line.

Note that by placing  copies of the HTML page and Flash swf file in other folders with different problem and comment text files one can generate as many interactive exercises as desired.

While the example above is intended to help students focus on the need to carefully read physics problems before they attempt to solve problems, this teaching tool could be used in any discipline where the instructor wants to add clarifying comments to existing text.

A minor modification to this teaching tool will be developed that provides questions instead of comments on selected text.

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