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Name:  Linear Kinematics   Subject Area: Physics, Math
Version: 1.0  Date Posted: 6/9/02 

General Observations

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In the simulation below three race cars move from the starting line to the finish line. Click the Start button to repeat the simulation.

General Observations:

1.  Study the motion of the three cars.  You can click the start button as often as you like so that you can compare the differences and similarities of the motion of the three cars.

2.  List your observations.  Use common, everyday words in your description.  




1.  Click the Record button so the green light appears.  Click the Start button.  The position of each car is recorded by a series of dots.  The time interval between dots is 0.2 seconds.

2.  After the cars have stopped click the Print button.

3.  Use the printed record to construct a displacement versus time graph for each of the cars.

4.  Use your displacement versus time graphs to construct velocity versus time graphs.

5.  Where possible use your velocity versus time graphs to construct acceleration versus time graphs.

6.  Make a list of observations based on your graphs.  

7.  Compare this list with your general observations list.  Which list more accurately describes the motion of the three cars?

8.  Why is the relationship "distance = speed * time" not very useful?     


Try the following search words at www.google.com (Be sure to include the quotation marks.):

                        Pages listed by Google

"linear kinematics"                                          845

"linear motion"                                           37,000

"tangent to a curve"                                      1,060

"displacement, velocity, and acceleration"      2,840


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